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The timing belt on your engine is an extremly important component.

The function and purpose of this toothed belt is to keep the engine synchronised whilst running, in simple terms for you to understand this you have two parts to your engine, the bottom part where you have pistons that go up and down.You have the top part of your engine which is bolted on top this has muliple valves that go in and out.When the pistons travels down, valves can open and when the pistons travel up the valves close.

Everything here then has to be in perfect synchronisation and timed precisley.

This is the purpose of the timing belt or sometimes reffered to as a camshaft belt. It is attached to the top and bottom of the engine keeping the entire engine running in synchronisation simmiliar to the band on a sewing machine.

Some vehicles have this fitted and they do depending on engine type and size have change intervals, this can be found in your hand book, if you are not sure about your vehicle then contact one of our team who will be happy to advise.

Failure of this belt will result in engine damge and in severe cases can result in requiring a new engine!

The offer we have is applicable to most vehicles upto and including 2.0 tdi models, however it does not include the 2.0TFSI

If you have a vehicle that this offer does not cover then we would be happy to qoute for this repair.

Having this repair done at our garage will give you peace of mind knowing that our factory trained technicians using genuine parts that are covered by a two years parts / labour warranty, not to mention the fact that your service book will be stamped with this important item changed with a Witherspoon stamp, keeping your history complete and protecting the residual value of your car.


* Not available in conjunction with any other offer

call : 0131 332 5880 or book online

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Dear Valued Customer,

As of the 8th June we will be open as normal Monday to Friday and closed Saturday / Sunday. We still have in place social distancing rules and have your safety and ours firmly in control.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

Witherspoon Motor services ltd is committed to ensuring the health & safety of all our employees and customers. To this end, we have created a policy that sets out the steps we will be taking in order to tackle the outbreak.


We strongly encourage all customers to follow these guidelines from the World Health Organisation on infection control, both whilst at work, and in their daily lives.

This includes: 

frequently cleaning their hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water  when coughing and sneezing, covering mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue, throwing this tissue away immediately and washing their hands Avoiding close contact with anyone who has a fever and cough.

When a customer visits Witherspoon Motor Services   

We will ask you to keep a distance of a minimum of 2 metres away. We will ensure that all staff are frequently cleaning their hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. We will ensure that all staff when coughing and sneezing, are covering mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue, throwing this tissue away immediately and washing their hands. When having to move your vehicle a seat cover, floor mat and fresh gloves are used each time. Any areas or equipment that require customer use e.g. card payment machines are cleaned between uses.


If you begin to display symptoms of the virus, you must follow government guidance to find out what to do next. You should not visit Witherspoon Motor services.


The Government is currently advising people to self-isolate in certain situations, which means staying at home and not having contact with other people. In the event that this applies to you, you must not attend Witherspoon Motor Services during the isolation period.


Witherspoons took on the challenge with Susie Beattie to get Medic One a much needed fast response vehicle, we helped fund this car and source spec it along with some great sponsors most of which are all clients.

Monday the 8th Medic One launched The new A6 Quattro Avant! Please click on Medic One in Red to  to find out more.

Choosing Witherspoon Audi specialists to Service and maintain your vehicle from new and under warranty without the large expense.

Now that cant be a bad thing. We dont sell you them, we look after them, without the attitude.

Have your timing belt changed 

Call for a competitive qoute.

Book on line quoting TB-03-12 Click for full details

Did you know that we service and repair all makes of cars from Fiesta's through to Bentley's

From customer feeback it was suggested that we should point this important fact out.

Call us or enquire on line for a competitive qoute.

We can now carry out all aspects of paint and body reapirs from as little as £50.00!

Estimates are free!

Have your air conditioning system fully serviced and de-bacterialised for only £75.00

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A competitive price. Promise

We'll match any like-for-like written quote using Volkswagen, Audi,Skoda & SEAT Original Parts

from any garage within 5 miles. It's that simple.

Have your brake fluid replaced for only £45.00* this can be done while you wait if required in our reception, whilst enjoying a complimentary coffee. Book on line quoting BFL-03-12 Click for full details

call : 0131 332 5880 or book online
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